Women Writers and the Hero of Romance

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I love your comparisons and defense of romance writing. If romance readers get more action in bed, then what does that say for romance writers? They tend to be a little more sage and have greater insight in the grand scheme of the story. And the beta from one book often gets to show his alpha strengths when he gets his own book in a series. Yesterday, after I read the post, two thoughts immediately came to mind. My revenge is to never read the blog again.

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Ant thanks to USA Today for the lovely articles. Yes, in a way, I hate to give them any more attention. That word means something serious, something hateful, could we please not throw it around? Yes, such casual use of the word diminishes its power. This always gets my feathers all ruffled. Why are all the people who denigrate romance novels always doing it without actually reading them? Romance writers are mostly women writing for other women. So it really was just a reflection of women not feeling comfortable enough to own their sexuality, so it felt safer to read about some overbearing hero who would force that vixen side out of the heroine.

Not saying it was right, but I think it was a reflection of the times.

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And I agree with the commenter above who mentioned the feminization of guys. Thanks for the great comment!

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Totally agree with Roni. I love writing damaged, complicated, dangerous men who do wicked things and often get away with them. But, again, at their core is a sense of humanity, courage, and love for the heroine or other hero — I love gay erotica that is ultimately redemptive. I will agree with getting relationship advice from a romance novel is a little silly. Rather dull stuff.

Former Second World War hero unmasked as romance writer

Anywho, I will say one controversial thing. A lot of women do have rape fantasies. And sometimes they like to read fiction that shows a super aggressive, even dangerous man ravishing a woman. Wow, great comments today — Thanks! Yes, getting relationship advice from most superficial sources Cosmo? She tells Michael to imagine that all the male stereotypes are actually female. And vice versa. So your point is completely valid.

Cherished is a good word for this. It can make you wonder if you do enough to keep the home fires burning honestly. They can be hard role models to live up to. In and of themselves I suppose they make decent role models from that aspect. I seriously doubt a guy reading a romance novel needs to learn anything from the guys in there though.

You gals are still an enigma to us guys, even after 18 years of marriage! I love it. Thanks for the great comment, Todd! Great post as usual.

Why Can’t Romance Novels Get Any Love? | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian

I love the line about the hero winning because he treasures the heroine. So true!

Thanks for sharing this. I think that they make great role models. The world would be a better place if some of my heroes existed. Personally, I think romance novels need strong, powerful heroines. These days, the heroine often rescues the hero just as often as he rescues her. I think the point of 21st-century romance is that people, male and female, rescue each other!

'Things get a little weird': meet the hunk who's on 414 romance novel covers

When the hero and heroine choose each other, that makes their relationship all the better. Not perfect. But perfect for us. As long as both parties are working toward a good relationship, real-life romances do […]. Those are definitely the hallmarks of a successful relationship.

Romances even the sweet, clean ones get women to think about and long for intimacy in some form. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission from Jami Gold.

HISTORY OF IDEAS - Romanticism

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The enduring allure of a rake

Richard Gravil. Kate Maurer. The Daemon Knows.

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Women Writers and the Hero of Romance Women Writers and the Hero of Romance
Women Writers and the Hero of Romance Women Writers and the Hero of Romance
Women Writers and the Hero of Romance Women Writers and the Hero of Romance
Women Writers and the Hero of Romance Women Writers and the Hero of Romance
Women Writers and the Hero of Romance Women Writers and the Hero of Romance

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