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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview In the early s the redoubtable old occultist William G. Gray bicycled from his Gloucestershire home to the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire on a clear and full-mooned summer night.

The visionary experiences he encountered on that night and in other similar visits resulted in the writing of this book, originally published by Helios Books in and now a classic among pagan and craft traditions. The text of the ritual is given in full, along with a discussion of its pattern and purpose. The Rollright Ritual is a powerful initiatory rite for attuning oneself to a personal and communal path of spiritual growth, presented here with an explanatory text and a discussion of the spiritual lives and practices of the stone circle builders of Great Britain.

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The Stone is not merely a memorial of bygone beliefs, but a pointer that should raise our highest hopes of finding faith in all the Life that lies ahead of us. Product Details. Average Review.

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Rollright Stones

The Arayana are an indigenous people descended from an ancient empire living contentedly in the His books were, and still are, influential in the development of new Hermetic Qabalah, ritual magic, and ancestral magic at ancient sites. This context was, of course, the Order of Melchizadek.

I was pretty certain, at that time, that ritual magic was, indeed, necessary, but it was difficult to disagree with Ronald Heaver, as he knew intuitively what was passing through your mind, was always several steps and jumps ahead of you, and every statement that he made was a spiritual teaching of some sort, that pulled you up, and made you think on a new level.

Ten minutes with Heaver was like ten hours of intense concentration or challenging physical exercise…except it was spiritual. Of course ritual magic is, indeed, no longer necessary once you have worked your way through its disciplines and arts, and emerged on the other side with a highly developed consciousness! That is what he was saying to me, back then in , though I did not understand him at the time.

It was certainly not necessary for Ronald Heaver, who transformed all by being present, rather than by doing anything. This is the difference between direct spiritual mediation, and all the many techniques practiced today. Heaver was a direct mediator, not a technician of spiritual methods This was, essentially, a Melchizadek initiation, similar to one I had received from W G Gray in a ritual lodge context witnessed by Norman Gibbs a few years before, but with certain significant differences of inner contact and subtle power. It added something clear and catalyzing to the power that I had received from Gray, and this combined transmission is what I work with in the Consecration ceremonies, from time to time within my own groups

The Rollright Ritual The Rollright Ritual
The Rollright Ritual The Rollright Ritual
The Rollright Ritual The Rollright Ritual
The Rollright Ritual The Rollright Ritual
The Rollright Ritual The Rollright Ritual

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