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Haptic response technology means the harder you squeeze, the harder it vibrates. Although Unbound really started taking off in , at the height of color-coordinated, well-planned grids, Instagram users are moving away from avocado toast and selfies against saturated mural walls. As the Atlantic noted in an article about the decline of the perfect Instagram grid, "Fast-rising young influencers such as Emma Chamberlain, Jazzy Anne, and Joanna Ceddia all reject the notion of a curated feed in favor of a messier and more unfiltered vibe.

Unbound was ahead of the times. When Glossier's millennial pink-themed grid was the gold standard for Instagram accounts, Rodriguez said she let her former intern and now social media manager Emily Malinowski take the wheel.

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But while Unbound's messaging and aesthetic resonated with its audience, Instagram itself still has a long way to go when it comes to sex positivity. The platform doesn't allow Unbound to use typical advertising methods like promoted posts, Rodriguez says, and frequently removes posts it claims are inappropriate.

She calls it a "double edged sword. And yet male sexual wellness brands are allowed to promote. Which is why Unbound uses the more unconventional advertising tactic of partnering with meme accounts. Many brands, of course, reach out to influencers to promote their products. But doing spon con through memes, like Unbound is doing, is brilliant.

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This is my ideal weekend honestly I wasted so much time on bad rebound sex before my vibe ad. A post shared by haley ghosted on Jan 31, at pm PST.

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Linda Lin found Unbound through the meme account ghosted, and was drawn in by the fact that she didn't have to visit a "sleazy website" to buy sex toys. Hyacinth Rios was surprised that when they first bought an Unbound toy and posted about it, a friend reached out to ask how they liked it. The fact that Unbound advertises through meme accounts is so smart because it not only normalizes sex toys in a humorous, approachable way, but because it presents them on the ground level.

Sure, masturbation can be a sexy experience for personal awakening and empowerment, but it can also be something you do when you're bored. The memes depict masturbation as any other kind of self care, like popping on a face mask or blasting your favorite album.

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They aren't necessarily presented as wholesome — but the fact that so many of the memes are about spending a night smoking weed and flicking the bean out of boredom or distress is what makes masturbating seem so normal. By establishing a presence through Instagram memes, Unbound gets around Instagram's draconian rules for images surrounding female pleasure and also finds its way right into the lap of young people who are over cis men getting to have all the fun. She notes that not everyone can nail down the art of meme making — if you get it, you get it, and if you don't, you don't.

We've seen brands attempt to get in touch with the youth and fail miserably. But by going straight to the meme makers, Unbound lessens the risk of making an embarrassing gaff. View this post on Instagram. Kids are using the internet more than ever, but not for what you think. Singaporean influencer Xiaxue denies climate change and calls Greta Thunberg 'so damn cringe'. Story from Sex.

A Beginner's Guide to Butt Plugs and How to Use Them for Anal Play

When I was 19 I owned a vibrator , dildo and a pair of handcuffs. I wasn't well versed in the world of sex toys , and I also wasn't particularly crazy about the few that I did own. But one day I passed a sex shop in New York's West Village and decided to go in and look for something new — something more exciting. As soon as I got home, I lubed up the smallest plug , inserted it, and checked myself out in the mirror. Sure, I could have tried using my vibrator or dildo anally, but neither of them had a flared base or stopping point on them. So what makes a butt plug different than a dildo or vibrator?

While there are many toys designed for anal use, a butt plug tends to have a couple distinguishing characteristics. A plug is designed to go in and stay in for the duration of its use.

Pornstar Jamie Young shows you her Sex Toys!!

The thin neck allows for the sphincter to close a bit more so that the plug can be retained inside the body and worn comfortably. Unlike other anal toys , plugs can easily be worn over longer periods of time.

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  8. Many people enjoy wearing them for the duration of their playtime, and some folks enjoy going out with a butt plug inserted all night. You can also opt to wear a plug for just a few moments. But not all butt plugs are created equal.

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    Even though I initially liked the plugs I purchased, I quickly learned that they were made from PVC and had a jelly-rubber core, two materials that often contain phthalates, which are chemicals used to soften plastic so it's flexible. Although pthalates are found in everything from shower curtains to plastic wrap, exposure to them has been linked to hormone disruption , so many experts don't consider sex toys that contain them body-safe. In fact, after only a few months, my first butt plugs melted into a disgusting tar-like puddle after sitting unattended for a week or so during a warm season.

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    Cute Butt Plugs With Tails.

    The Many Joys of Sex Toys The Many Joys of Sex Toys
    The Many Joys of Sex Toys The Many Joys of Sex Toys
    The Many Joys of Sex Toys The Many Joys of Sex Toys
    The Many Joys of Sex Toys The Many Joys of Sex Toys
    The Many Joys of Sex Toys The Many Joys of Sex Toys
    The Many Joys of Sex Toys The Many Joys of Sex Toys

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