The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)

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Composed of both political writers and academics, it features the public intellectual who has a voicethat resonates inside and outside the academy.

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These public intellectuals write artful, accessible, andanalytical essays to help shape and frame national debates about American politics, law, and ideas. Each speaker will give a talk at the Graduate Center. Princeton University Press will publish the books. Nussbaum competitive global is the Ernst Freund economy. Cl: April Markovits tzara and lenin play chess Andrei Codrescu Paper with French folds. This is an history. We publish the work of both established important book.

And we hope that our fo- —Joanne Meyerow- cus on politics will bring some coherence to the itz, author of How rich monographic literature that has appeared Sex Changed: A His- in recent years, and thereby give the remarkable tory of Transsexuality American Century the history it deserves.

Black-Jewish Relations in the April Carl J. Bon Tempo April University of Heidelberg. David Ekbladh is assistant professor of history at Tufts University.

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Mexico Border interrelations among and the World Rachel St. John free labor, race, and Donna R. Capitalism and the American WestMay Griffith open thinker. University of America. At its center is the interaction between and engages with the two sets of actors that have been largely over- kind of problems that looked in histories of the region. Greene tells a everyone should be fascinating tale. John David Lewis is visiting associate professorof philosophy, politics, and economics at Duke Princeton Modern Greek StudiesUniversity, and senior research scholar in historyand classics at the Social Philosophy and Policy September Center at Bowling Green State University.

This graceful and to Italian film ever nuanced book should published. Peter Paret is professor emeritus at the Institute Cl: It is a tells a well-integrated concise and, especially story, with excellent noteworthy, a precise analytical content and essay on the time and empirical richness. This place of globalization. Mass starvation—whetherhistory of globalization. Niels P. University College Dublin. This allows the theme, and moves at a curious or impatient fast pace, from Rome reader to sample, ac- and Han Dynasty cording to taste, such China, right down to delectable topics as the present.

The cover- Greek fire, eunuchs, age is sweeping and icons, and the Towers ofbalanced. A stunning accomplishment. Empires in World History departs from conven- BeckwithJune Ann Laura Stoler provides a model Asian, and East Asianof the new historiography rich in the historical, materials makes this aanthropological, and psychoanalytical insights major work in Eurasian and world history.

Golden, Rutgers Universityhistory. Beckwith is professor of Centralinjunction to read against the grain of history. By success. What could explain the Nile turning tofocusing on a single year not overshadowed by blood, insects swarming the land, and the sky fall-an epochal event, AD provides a truly fresh ing to darkness?

Integrating biblical accounts withlook at a civilization in the midst of enormous substantive archaeological evidence, The Partingchange—as Christianity takes hold in rural areas of the Sea looks at how natural phenomenaacross the empire, as western Roman provinces shaped the stories of Exodus, the Sojourn in thefall away from those in the Byzantine east, and as Wilderness, and the Israelite conquest of Canaan.

Barbara J. Sivertsen has been managing editor ofGiusto Traina is professor of Greek history at the the Journal of Geology for over twenty-five years. University of Rouen.

Benjamin R. His book is set apart from the for developing newplethora of biographies of Alexander the Great approaches and ideasby its focus on his origins and aims, the way he to analyze the lastadministered and organized his empire, and Ottoman century andespecially his impact on the areas he conquered, understand better thethe last of which almost no other books address. Eschewing ment of political ideas in the late Ottoman Em-a conventional biographical focus, this is the pire. As a —Erik J. In this dom free, Mithradates must-have prequel to should be a household that classic volume, Vic- name alongside his tor Davis Hanson has fellow rebels Hannibal, assembled an all-star Cleopatra, Spartacus, team of historians to and Attila.

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This detailed, analyze past conflicts juicy, entertaining, and draw relevant les- yet painstaking work sons for the present day. If you seek the roots of of superb scholarship modern warfighting, look here. European In this prequel to the now-classic Makers ofroyalty sought out his secret elixir against poison. But until now world.

From the Persian Wars to the final defenseno modern historian has recounted the full story of the Roman Empire, Makers of Ancient Strategyof Mithradates, the ruthless king and visionary demonstrates that the military thinking and poli-rebel who challenged the power of Rome in cies of the ancient Greeks and Romans remainthe first century BC. In this richly illustrated surprisingly relevant for understanding conflictbook—the first biography of Mithradates in fifty in the modern world. Berkey, Adrian Goldsworthy, Peter J. It is also history with attitude.

Gross, author of NeighborsWeimar Germany still fascinates us, and now Eric In the immediate aftermath of World War II, moreWeitz has written the history that this complex than a quarter-million Jewish survivors of theand remarkably creative period and place de- Holocaust lived among their defeated persecu-serves. Weimar Germany reveals the Weimar era tors in the chaotic society of Allied-occupiedas a time of strikingly progressive achievements, Germany. Jews, Germans, and Allies draws uponand even greater promise.

Weitz explains how the wealth of diary and memoir literature writtenGermans rose from the defeat of World War I and by the people who lived through postwar recon-the turbulence of revolution to forge democratic struction to trace the conflicting ways Jews andinstitutions and make Berlin a world capital of Germans defined their own victimization andavant-garde art. Atina Grossmann is professor of history atWith a rich narrative and detailed portraits of Cooper Union. Westad, author of The Global Cold War There are unique periods in history when a single year witnesses the total transformation of international relations.

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The year was one such crucial watershed. This book uses previously unavailable sources to explore the momentous events following the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago and the effects they have had on our world ever since. Based on documents, interviews, and television broadcasts from many dif-ferent locations, including Moscow, Berlin, Bonn, Paris, London, and Washington, describes howGermany unified, NATO expansion began, and Russia got left on the periphery of the new Europe. Mary Sarotte explains that while it was clear past a certain point that the Soviet Bloc would crumble,there was nothing inevitable about what would follow.

Bush, and James Baker, to organizations like NATOand the European Community, to courageous individual dissidents—all proposed courses of actionand models for the future. Sarotte exploreshow the aftermath of this fateful victory, and Russian resentment of it, continue to shape worldpolitics today. Princeton Studies in International History and Politics It will supersede any current intellectual, political, literature on the subject. Yet, as Philip Nord cal camp followers.

Rather, it gotPostwar: A History of Europe since started earlier, in the waning years of the Third Republic and under the Vichy regime. Public Debt, Inequality, and the June Sonenscher Times Literary Supple- rips and riffs through the links to be made ment between all manner of ideas across several generations of salon conversation and erudite Michael Sonenscher is writing. Grayson de force of analysis and contextualization.

Nye, Oregon State University anyone interested in the nature of revolution and civil war or the fate of law during wartime. Henk van Nierop is professor of early modern history at the University of Amsterdam. Among the articles are some masterful reviews by major scholars. With the opening of archives in former communist states over the past twenty years, scholars have found new material that has expanded and sometimes altered their understanding of commu- nism as an ideological and political force.


A Dictionary of 20th-CenturyCommunism brings this scholarship to students, teachers, and scholars in related fields. Robert Service teaches Russian history at the University of Oxford. Readers will inevitably ask themselvesposed challenges to the racism and colonialism whether we can claim to be doing better than ourof the era.

Victorian precursors in assessing our own responsi- bilities for the violence that is in the world today. ASusan D. Pennybacker is the Borden W. Painter, wonderful book.

Christopher Herbert is the Chester D. Tripp Profes This little gem of a book is brilliant. Is this trend a sign of rising piety or a way of asserting Muslim pride?

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And does the veil really provide women freedom from sexual harassment? Written in the form of letters addressing all those interested in this issue, Questioning the Veil examines the inconsistent and inadequate reasons given for the veil, and points to the dangers and limita- tions of this highly questionable cultural practice. Readers will find vision of a dark 12th a vivid window into the century can be ques- thirteenth century. The Crisis of racy in the County of the Twelfth Century will Champagne, — be essential reading for all medievalists.

Arnold, Timestakes an unprecedented look at one of the great Higher Educationrivalries of the Middle Ages and offers it as a reveal-ing lens through which to view the intertwined Fagg and James A. Mote become the single best source on Afghan Frederick Mote, one history and politics of the twentieth cen- virtually overnight. A social transformation great deal of learning is evident here, but Barfield of China. Scott, author of Seeing Like a Statenarrative distills his reflections on modern Chinaand details change in Chinese historical studies Afghanistan traces the historic struggles andin the twentieth century.

Mote — taught Chinese Empire in the sixteenth century to the Talibanhistory and language at Princeton University resurgence today. The episodes covered in this major work unfold like a kaleidoscope, refining or correcting traditional interpretations of events during this important period. There is no doubt that this book has established itself as the yardstick by which other works will be measured.

The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)
The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series) The Case for Big Government (The Public Square Book Series)

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