Quick Response in the Supply Chain

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The aggregated information is sent each night to vendors who then replenish the depleted shelves, says Karen Peterson, an analyst at Gartner Group Inc. Other companies use quick response during so-called flow manufacturing.

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Whenever one unit of inventory is sold by a retailer, a signal is sent through the supply chain to replace it immediately, according to Kevin O'Marah, an analyst at AMR Research Inc. That's slightly different from collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment CPFR processes, which are closely related to traditional quick response methods but are Web-based and slightly more sophisticated.

Supply Chain Management - QUICK RESPONSE (QR)

CPFR processes, say industry experts, let retailers and manufacturers examine statistics regarding the flow of products to customers and attempt to forecast how much inventory is going to be required to meet future needs, according to O'Marah. In fact, some major companies, including Canadian Tire, say that regular quick response is already past its prime.

The firm used EDI-based quick response techniques between its supply centers and distribution centers for one of its biggest partners, Troy, Mich.

Pharmavite has since shifted to CPFR to realize greater efficiencies in forecasting and replenishment and to gain insight into retail sales cycles. Certainly, the Web is allowing companies to move closer to establishing real-time systems. In fact, in some industries it's becoming a necessity to do so because the Web allows supply-chain processes to move with greater automation and cuts out the need for phone and fax communications, says O'Marah.

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The Web also creates a common format for sharing data among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and carriers, he says. Moreover, Web-based quick response systems cost less than traditional EDI technologies, which means even more trading partners than before can connect via a quick response system, says Peterson.

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Nevertheless, some firms are unwilling to pay to replace legacy EDI systems, so those systems will likely remain in place for some time to come. Here are the latest Insider stories. The company should also include analysis techniques and tools, and a step-by-step methodology to achieve the required reduction in lead times. The other type of company to implement QRM is one that does not need to engineer each item but has a very large number of different items with highly variable demand for each.

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Implementing QRM requires that the whole organization understands and its part of the process. In addition, both management and employees should understand the manufacturing systems that are in place at the company, especially those that affect lead times.

Lean Manufacturing + TPS + Production Scheduler + JIT + Lead Time + KAIZEN + 5S + KANBAN

However, lead times are not always determined by manufacturing processes. The purchase of raw materials, a back-office function, will trigger a lead time and part of the QRM policy will include reducing lead times of non-manufacturing processes. The QRM will, therefore, cover all areas such as purchasing, shipping, finance, and human resources.

When a company has implemented QRM it should be able to realize a reduction in lead times of up to 95 percent, a reduction in finished product cost of 30 percent, an improvement in on-time delivery performance in excess of 60 percent, and reduction in scrap and rework of up to 80 percent or more. Using lean manufacturing can help guarantee that year-over-year you'll find savings—which is a key metric in today's supply chain.

Quick Response Logistics and Demand

The efficiency that lean manufacturing drives toward will also allow for greater visibility of your customers' needs—and drive on-time delivery higher. Successful supply chain management is a source of competitive advantage in today's dynamic business environment. Relevant issues both at the strategic and operational levels of decision-making are considered in this book which provides the reader with an up-to-date analysis of the latest theoretical and practical trends in supply chain management.

Using a variety of case-studies from different industry sectors, the book examines the various components of the supply chain, analyses the trade-offs that exist in achieving integration, and explores issues of organisation and implementation. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Practical information on how to organise and implement a successful supply chain management With latest trends in supply chain management Show all benefits.

Quick Response in the Supply Chain Quick Response in the Supply Chain
Quick Response in the Supply Chain Quick Response in the Supply Chain
Quick Response in the Supply Chain Quick Response in the Supply Chain
Quick Response in the Supply Chain Quick Response in the Supply Chain
Quick Response in the Supply Chain Quick Response in the Supply Chain
Quick Response in the Supply Chain Quick Response in the Supply Chain

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