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Medicine Buddha Thangka - 47" x 32". Green Tara Thangka - 45" x 31". Guru Rinpoche Thangka 2 - 31" x 21". Red Hayagriva Thangka - 31" x 21". Our Newsletter. Practicing Wisdom. Click to enlarge. Its influence on the Dalai Lama himself is also unmistakable, for he often cites the following stanza as his greatest source of inspiration: For as long as space remains, For as long as sentient beings remain, Until then, may I too remain And dispel the miseries of the world.

A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. The type of love most people focus on in everyday life is personal, exclusive, loaded with expectations, and even obsessional. Even parents project this ersatz kind of love onto their children.

Sooner or later, whether romantic or intergenerational, this misunderstanding of love is a source of separation and suffering.

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When we express loving-kindness to all sentient beings — yes, even The Donald! It seems counterintuitive to offer love and amity to someone we perceive as evil, yet if we hold the wish of good health, happiness and peace for each and every one of us , we create that feeling within ourselves, then feed it back out, and spread more of it around.

If The Donald had ever felt truly loved and had nothing to defend against, he would behave differently. To honour it, find three or unlimited! Doing this discreetly and even anonymously is best, lest the ego clamour for more credit and visibility. Find a way to express yourself in a random act of kindness and feel your heart puff up a bit.

For those who enjoy the current energy reports, we are currently in the rarified period between two eclipses — the lunar eclipse of February 11th, and the upcoming solar eclipse on February 26th. This can be an especially spiritual time when inspiration seems to flow, yet emotions and feelings can be hard to pinpoint or understand. Your inner guidance might be quite strong, and your practice of meditation or spiritual rituals can bring you new insights and connections to your higher self.

Welcome to the twenty-first episode of By Your Life.

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Thank you for joining me. And please forward to a friend you think would benefit from By Your Life. My goal is to inspire, empower, support, challenge, and encourage you to connect Sunday, with Monday-Friday, in a secular, business world. It is my desire to help you live our Catholic faith in the marketplace, and to trust that it is good for business.

I hope to offer you practical ways to go forth and glorify the Lord by your life.

what do you practice(Pearls of wisdom by great guide Prem Rawat-we are forever grateful to him .)

In this edition, we will reflect on the readings for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time. The first reading from the Book of Proverbs and the second reading from the Letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians have a common theme. That is, encouraging us to not live in foolishness, but to grow in wisdom and understanding.

I had so many examples of wisdom and foolishness that I could talk about from my experience in the workplace. And then, the Pennsylvania grand jury report about the 70 years of abuse by priests was made public and everything I had to say was silly by comparison to the seriousness of the findings published in this report. Like many of you I was sickened and angered by what I read. Mostly, I was saddened. I was sad for the victims.

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I was sad for the continued wounds to His Sacred Heart. Believe it or not, I was also sad for those who committed these sins and those who failed to act appropriately when they learned about it. A lot of people responded with heartfelt attacks against the Church. Some use the stories of abuse as justification for why they left or plan to leave. This saddens me too. It is not and never has been!

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We are right to be angry, sick, hurt, and sad about sin in the world and these sins in particular. The truth is, what happened and continues to happen regardless of who is doing it is a sin against God and man. This does not reflect the moral teachings of Christ or His Bride the Church.

Practicing Wisdom: The Perfection of Shantideva's Bodhisattva Way by Dalai Lama XIV

So, what can we learn from the readings, the Church scandal, and other institutional failures that we can apply to our businesses? There is a lot. Our readings this Sunday invite us to live in wisdom.

Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom
Practicing Wisdom Practicing Wisdom

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