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Plane Geometry: Points, Lines, Angles, and Shapes

You can think of a space as the inside of a box. A line is defined by two points and is written as shown below with an arrowhead. Video lesson Plot a pint, a line, a line segment and an angle in a coordinate plane. Share on Facebook. Search Pre-Algebra All courses. All courses.

Intro to Euclidean geometry

Geometry Perpendicular and parallel Overview Angles, parallel lines and transversals. Geometry Similarity Overview Polygons Triangles.

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Geometry Right triangles and trigonometry Overview Mean and geometry The converse of the Pythagorean theorem and special triangles. Measurement and Geometry : Module 9 Years : PDF Version of module. Geometry is used to model the world around us. A view of the roofs of houses reveals triangles, trapezia and rectangles, while tiling patterns in pavements and bathrooms use hexagons, pentagons, triangles and squares. Builders, tilers, architects, graphic designers and web designers routinely use geometric ideas in their work.

Classifying such geometric objects and studying their properties are very important. Geometry also has many applications in art.

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Just as arithmetic has numbers as its basic objects of study, so points, lines and circles are the basic building blocks of plane geometry. In secondary school, the level of rigour should develop slowly from one year to the next, but at every stage clear setting out is very important and should be stressed. Thus geometry gives an opportunity for students to develop their geometric intuition, which has applications in many areas of life, and also to learn how to construct logical arguments and make deductions in a setting which is, for the most part, independent of number.

The simplest objects in plane geometry are points and lines. A point marks a position but has no size. When we draw a line it has width and it has ends, so it is not really a line, but represents a line in our imagination.

Plane Geometry - SAT Math

Given two distinct points A and B then there is one and only one line which passes through both points. We use capital letters to refer to points and name lines either by stating two points on the line, or by using small letters such as and m. Thus, the given line below is referred to as the line AB or as the line. Given two distinct lines, there are two possibilities: They may either meet at a single point or they may never meet, no matter how far they are extended or produced. Lines which never meet are called parallel. In the second diagram, we write AB CD.

Three or more points that lie on a straight line are called collinear. Three or more lines that meet at a single point are called concurrent.

Make a large copy of the diagram below. What do you notice about the points P , Q , R? Suppose A and B are two points on a line. The interval AB is the part of the line between A and B , including the two endpoints.

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  6. The point A in the diagram divides the line into two pieces called rays. The ray AP is that ray which contains the point P and the point A. The angle sign is written so we write AOB. The amount of turning is called the size of the angle AOB. The size of the angle corresponding to one full revolution was divided by the Babylonians into equal parts, which we call degrees. They probably chose since it was close to the number of days in a year. Other angles can be measured approximately using a protractor.

    Since the protractor has two scales, students need to be careful when drawing and measuring angles. Fold an A4 sheet of paper matching up the diagonally opposite corners. Draw a line along the crease that is formed and measure the angles between the crease and the side. At the same time they strongly recommend an early application of general logical principles.

    This last term we have heard strongly condemned; it was substituted see Fifth Annual Report for the more usual term opposite on the ground that, in logic, two opposite propositions cannot be true together.

    ACT Math - Plane Geometry - Triangles (Part 1 of 2)

    The terminology, however, to our mind, is a matter of no great consequence. De Morgan's illustration is given in Wilson's Geometry. Prepared by the Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching.

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