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While the Stalingrad Front launched its offensive on 20 November, the 65th Soviet Army continued to apply pressure to the German 11th Corps along the northern shoulder of the Sixth Army's flank. By this time remaining Romanian units in the north were being destroyed in isolated battles, while the Red Army began to engage flanking portions of the German Fourth Panzer and Sixth Armies.

Weather on Neptune

Only the 16th Panzergrenadier Division began to fight its way out. Lack of coordination between Soviet tanks and infantry as the Red Army's tank corps attempted to exploit the breakthrough along the Germans' southern flank allowed much of the Fourth Romanian Army to escape destruction. On 22 November Soviet forces began to cross the Don River and continued their advance towards the town of Kalach.

Invasion of the 7th Planet (MMV Gameboy Uranus Remix)

The encirclement of 6th Army was effective on 23 November. At first they mistook them for Germans because they did not fire green flares as was agreed for a reconnaissance signal and several tanks were damaged in a short exchange of fire. After clarification the linkup was achieved.

It was reenacted later for the newsreels. The junction between the armored troops of 21st and 51st Armies from Vatutin's and Eremenko's fronts completed the surrounding of Paulus's group of forces: two German armies among the most powerful in the Wehrmacht, 22 divisions and separate regiments or battalions, and an enormous amount of materiel. Such a feat was so unusual that the Stavka's own initial estimation of the encircled enemy force was only a quarter of its actual strength, because besides the fighting troops there was a huge number of extra personnel from various professions, engineer sections, Luftwaffe ground staff and others.

Trapped equipment included around tanks, 2, artillery pieces and mortars and 10, trucks. The Sixth Army, in the midst of chaos, began to build defensive lines, hampered by the lack of fuel, ammunition and rations, and further burdened by the advancing Russian winter.


It was also tasked with plugging gaps in the line caused by the disintegrating Romanian forces. However, after the Germans had abandoned their winter bunkers, the Soviet 62nd Army was able to destroy the German 94th Infantry Division on the open ground; survivors of the German division were attached to the 16th and 24th Panzer Divisions. Furthermore, the revived Red Air Force was a threat to German aircraft attempting to fly over the encirclement. Although by December the Luftwaffe had assembled a fleet of around aircraft, this was still insufficient to supply the Sixth Army and elements of the Fourth Panzer Army with the required supplies.

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In the meantime, the Red Army strengthened its outer encirclement with the intention of destroying the encircled German units. Soviet armies would attack German units to the east and the south, aiming to split German units into smaller groups. These orders became effective on 24 November, and were to be executed without a major regrouping or movement of reserves.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eastern Front. Case Blue to 3rd Kharkov. Romanian military actions in World War II. Toronto: Rakoczi Foundation. Marshal of Victory, Volume II. Pen and Sword Books Ltd. With Paulus at Stalingrad.

Zombie Bums From Uranus

Translated by Tony Le Tissier. Beevor, Antony Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: — Bell, Kelly Fall Herndon, Virginia: Sovereign Media. Stalingrad — The Air Battle: through January Clark, Alan Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, — Cooper, Matthew So what would it be like to go there? Unlike the gas giants, Saturn and Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus are lower in hydrogen and helium and higher in concentrations of heavier material such as methane, water and ammonia.

Uranus is especially interesting as it is also the only planet in the solar system that rotates on its side.

Invasion Of Uranus - video dailymotion

A northern summer on Uranus lasts 21 years with the north pole receiving constant sunlight, while the south pole sees continual darkness. This tilt to the Uranian axis is believed to be the result of an early solar system collision with an object at least as large as the Earth.

Such a collision would either have released the internal heat reserves of the planet or created a layer of particles which effectively insulate the interior of the planet — preventing heat flow to space. Neptune, having avoided such an encounter, still has an outward heat flow. In fact the Uranian atmosphere in winter is the coldest planetary atmosphere in the solar system. When Voyager 2 flew past Uranus in , the planet appeared as a largely featureless green-blue disc. In the years since, however, scientists have realised that even this apparently cold, dead world has a surprisingly dynamic atmosphere.

But the new images from the Hubble Space Telescope show a previously unseen huge white cloud likely composed of ammonia or methane ice enveloping the north pole see top image. The library card you previously added can't be used to complete this action. Please add your card again, or add a different card. If you receive an error message, please contact your library for help.

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    Invasion from Uranus Invasion from Uranus
    Invasion from Uranus Invasion from Uranus
    Invasion from Uranus Invasion from Uranus
    Invasion from Uranus Invasion from Uranus
    Invasion from Uranus Invasion from Uranus
    Invasion from Uranus Invasion from Uranus

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