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By varying the ratio of mercury to cadmium, it is possible to tune the material to sense longer or shorter wavelength light.

Webb takes advantage of this by using two compositions of mercury-cadmium-telluride: one with proportionally less mercury for 0. This has a number of advantages, including the possibility of tailoring each NIRCam detector for peak performance over the specific wavelengths for which it will be used. Table 1 shows how many detectors of each type are contained in each instrument.

All of Webb's detectors have the same basic sandwich-like architecture Figure 4. The sandwich has three parts: 1 a thin semiconductor absorber layer, 2 a layer of indium interconnects to join each pixel in the absorber layer to the readout, and 3 a silicon readout integrated circuit ROIC to read out millions of pixels using a manageable number of outputs. The absorber layer and silicon ROIC are fabricated separately. This separation allows for each part of the process to be carefully tuned to the materials that are used.

Understanding active infrared beams (detectors)

Indium is a soft metal that deforms under moderate pressure to form one cold weld per pixel between the detector layer and the ROIC. To increase mechanical strength, the detector vendors flow a low viscosity epoxy resin between the indium bonds during the latter stages of "hybridization". An incident photon is absorbed by the semiconductor yielding mobile electron hole pairs. These move under the influence of built-in and applied electric fields until they find their way to where they can be collected.

How are Webb's Detectors Used? It is possible to read the pixels in a Webb detector more than once before resetting them.

This provides several benefits. For example, it is possible to average multiple non-destructive reads together to reduce the read noise compared to doing only one read. Another advantage is that by using multiple samples of the same pixel, it is possible to see the "jumps" in signal level that are the tell tale sign that a cosmic ray has disturbed a pixel. Cookies help us help you.

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Widest range of advanced infrared detectors

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To use all available functions on this site, JavaScript must be enabled on your browser. Home Products Optical sensors. Infrared detectors Sensors and modules for infrared light detection. Product overview. Related documents.

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Thermopile detectors Low-cost sensors that generate thermoelectromotive force in proportion to the energy level of incident infrared light. InAs photovoltaic detectors High-speed, low-noise infrared detectors capable of detecting infrared light up to approximately 3. Two color detectors Detectors with one sensor is mounted over a second sensor along the same optical axis, in order to provide a broad spectral response range.

Photon drag detectors Photon drag detectors are sensitive at Infrared detector modules with preamplifier Compact modules containing an infrared detector and a preamplifier. Infrared photodiode modules Modules for infrared detection. Infrared detector accessories Amplifiers, temperature controllers, and heat sinks.

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Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,
Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,
Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,
Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,
Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,
Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,
Infrared Detectors, Infrared Detectors,

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