Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance

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We recorded sessions with users and extracted key themes from transcripts. We held interdisciplinary team discussions to. Extreme negotiations. CEOs and other senior executives must make countless complex, high-stakes deals across functional areas and divisions, with alliance partners and critical suppliers, and with customers and regulators. The pressure of such negotiations may make them feel a lot like U.

Both civilian and military leaders face what the authors call "dangerous negotiations ," in which the traps are many and good advice is scarce. Although the sources of danger are quite different for executives and officers, they resort to the same kinds of behaviors. Both feel pressure to make quick progress, project strength and control particularly when they have neither , rely on force rather than collaboration, trade resources for cooperation rather than build trust, and make unwanted compromises to minimize potential damage.

The authors outline five core strategies that "in extremis" military negotiators use to resolve conflicts and influence others: maintaining a big-picture perspective; uncovering hidden agendas to improve collaboration; using facts and fairness to get buy-in; building trust; and focusing on process as well as outcomes. These strategies provide an effective framework that business executives can use to prepare for a negotiation and guide their moves at the bargaining table.

Negotiating action. After years of working towards a climate accord, the Paris Agreement of marked the shift from negotiating to reach consensus on climate action to implementation of such action. The challenge now is to ensure transparency in the processes and identify the details of what is required.

Negotiating choices. As a child in an academic family, I always had a lot of books around and read Overall, though, when I look back, I can see that the dominant influence in shaping my The complexities of negotiating gender and professional roles tend to Negotiations Reflecting the management advocacy position taken by school boards in collective bargaining procedures, this report analyzes New Jersey school labor negotiations laws and practices as of Terms and issues of special interest are defined and explained.

Topics include contract language, good faith bargaining, past practice, negotiations…. Inviting queer ideas into the science classroom: studying sexuality education from a queer perspective. Science education has been pointed out as fact-based and built on reliable knowledge. Nevertheless, there are areas that include other aspects. Sexual education is, according to the Swedish syllabus, such an example and it involves aspects as love, sexuality and relations.

These aspects suggest a possible tension between the biological and well-established definition of sex and later non-dichotomized perspectives. Teachers need to take both of these aspects into account as they work. Equality work aiming at providing equality for people that are not part of the prevalent norms for doing gender and sexuality is another endeavour to teachers in science education. To be able to study prevalent norms a queer perspective has been used. The hetero norm is defined in this perspective and it is explained as the expectation that everybody is heterosexual and wishes to live in hetero pair-ship.

This perspective also involves the normative construction of man and woman. The different ways to approach sex and sexuality is the research object of this study and the research question is formulated as follows: How can the construction of the hetero norm be visualized by queer theory to challenge the norm in sexuality education? A framework that visualizes the hetero norm and that could elicit attempts to question the norm was chosen for the analysis.

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The applied framework can be summarized using the following descriptions: repetition of desirability, dichotomization of sexes, differentiation of sexualities and hierarchy of positions. The data constituted of observations made in two classes with year-old students during sexuality education lessons. The results illustrate how the hetero norm was reconstructed in all of the four parts of the applied framework. The analysis provides four examples of how the norm was challenged, first, by expressing the unexpected and uncommon, second, by an orientation towards uncommon positions, third, by eliciting the communalities of sexes and.

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Race relations and racism in the LGBTQ community of Toronto: perceptions of gay and queer social service providers of color. Social constructions of race, race relations, and racism were placed at the centre of analysis.

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Employing interpretive phenomenological analysis, findings indicated that intergroup and broader systemic racism infiltrates the LGBTQ community, rendering invisible the lived experiences of many LGBTQ people of color. The study contributes to a growing body of research concerning our understanding of factors underpinning social discrimination in a contemporary Canadian LGBTQ context. Toward a Queer Inclusive Physical Education. Background: Physical education has historically been a repressive place for queer persons.

Since physical education spaces are predominantly heteronormative, research on sexual identity management has shown lesbian teachers often try to "pass" as straight or distance themselves from their sexualities.

There has been no research to date…. Taking her point of departure in the question, "what do you want from me? In this article the author presents his reflection on the framing of mass queer television as a technology within the cultural politics of gender and sexuality; and, next, discusses the mass production of these representations in terms of the mass production of modes of intelligibility of LGBT subjects.

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To narrow the argument, he focuses his…. Teaching queer theory at a Normal School. This article presents a case study of the ongoing struggle to queer West Chester University at the level of the institution, the curriculum, and the classroom. Part of that struggle includes an effort to establish a policy for free speech that accommodates the values of the institution toward diversity. Another part involves attempts to introduce LGBT Studies into the curriculum, and the resulting debates over whether the curriculum should be "gayer" or "queerer.

In the last four years, WCU has hired half a dozen out gay or lesbian faculty members, some of whom identify as " queer. But as faculty, staff, and students engage this cause-along with the broader cause of social justice at the University- we have found that our enemies are often closer than we might have guessed. Detailing the tensions that have characterized the landscape at WCUduring my three years and half years there, this essay elaborates on the epistemological and pedagogical issues that arise when queer Theory meets LGBT Studies in the process of institutional, curricular, and pedagogical reform.

I argue that questions about content and method, inclusion and exclusion, and identity and performance can be answered only with a concerted effort and continued attention to the cultural tendency to re-assert binaries while simultaneously learning from them. What is true of West Chester, I argue, is true of the larger social system where the contested terrain of the queer has implications for the choices we make as both stakeholders and deviants in the systems we chronicle and critique.

Purpose: This paper's objective is to test the main effect of negotiation training-level on acquiring negotiation skills. Training level refers to the time a trainee spends in a negotiation training course receiving the standard style and methods of training.

Negotiation skills are manifested through trainees' performance after receiving training. Negotiation time. Markets in the Pacific have been relatively stable throughout compared to its Atlantic counterparts. As a result, the outcome of annual negotiations between Australian suppliers and Japanese steel mills JSM and utilities will not be so easy to predict this year. The article discusses factors that will affect the prices of coking coal and thermal coal.

The outlook for thermal coal prices in the Pacific market looks much more promising than for coking coal. Coalitional negotiation. We develop a two-stage negotiation model to study the impact of costly inspections on both the coalition formation outcome and the per-member payoffs. In the first stage, the players are forming coalitions and inside each coalition formed the members share the coalition benefits. We adopt the largest consistent set LCS to predict which coalition structures are possibly stable. We also introduce a refinement,the largest cautious consistent set LCCS. In the second stage, the inspection game Bringing disability studies into conversation with queer histories of AIDS activism, this article examines the relationship between disability and queer politics in safer sex videos created by AIDS activists in the s.

As a form of what the author terms "guerrilla biopolitics," safer sex videos insisted on the viability of queer life and sexual expression at a historical moment of intense homophobia and sex negativity. At the same time, the vision of sexual health and identity they offered For this contribution to the special issue on "Mapping Queer Bioethics," the author offers a reflection on the nature of the literary, written word as the ethically fraught site of queer bioethics.

By invoking the historical tendencies and tropes of the clinical case history alongside a seminal text by Gertrude Stein, the author at once asks if we should liberate a queer bioethics from biomedical discourse via mainstream narrative; or if we should see this strategy as unavoidably housed in narrative forms of storytelling because it echoes the tropes and stakes of the clinical, pathologized case history as regards queer sensibilities.

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A queer -theoretical approach to community health psychology. Queer -theoretical resources offer ways of productively rethinking how central concepts such as 'person-context', 'identity' and 'difference' may be understood for community health psychologists. This would require going beyond consideration of the problems with which queer theory is popularly associated to cautiously engage with the aspects of this work relevant to the promotion of collective practice and engaging with processes of marginalisation.

In this article, we will draw upon and illustrate the queer -theoretical concepts of 'performativity' and 'cultural intelligibility' before moving towards a preliminary mapping of what a queer -informed approach to community health psychology might involve.

Passing through: queer lesbian film and Fremde Haut. Expanding the horizons of lesbian film, Fremde Haut is located within three broad frames: the cross-dressing genre, the New Queer Cinema NQC movement, and an Accented or diasporic film aesthetic. While strong connections exist between the cross-dressing film and NQC, less addressed are the links between the New Queer and the Accented yet these are of more radical, that is queerer, potential.

Through Fremde Haut, this article illustrates how intimately tied to race and nation, gender and sexuality are, to reveal the accented as queer and the queer as accented. Ultimately, what is distinguished is the potency of a new "quare" cinema. Queer Melayu: queer sexualities and the politics of Malay identity and nationalism in contemporary Malaysian literature and culture. This thesis examines Malay identity construction by focusing on the complex processes of self-identification among queer -identified Malays living in Malaysia and beyond. By analysing representations of queer Malays in the works of contemporary Malaysian Malay writers, scholars, and filmmakers, as well as queer Malays on the internet and in the diaspora, the thesis demonstrates how self-identifying gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Malays create and express their identities, and the wa Sibling negotiation.

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Current discussions of offspring begging typically assume either that it is a signal directed at parents or that it represents a form of scramble competition to gain access to them. However, offspring might also display to inform nest mates that they will contest the next food item to be delivered; in other words, begging possibly in the absence of parents might serve purely as a form of negotiation among siblings.

Here, we develop a game-theoretical model of this possibility. We assume tha What are the limits of queer pedagogy's thought [Britzman, D. Is there a queer pedagogy or stop reading straight. This question is considered in relation to how queer pedagogy unfolds in a first-year university course entitled "Learning Sexualities. This paper examines the work of a gay-straight alliance and the ways in which members use elements of queer theory to understand their own and others' identities, both to make sense of their experiences and to support their activist efforts.

The analysis identifies queer perspectives on gender and sexual identity as useful tools for supporting…. This article reviews Driver's monograph, " Queer Girls and Popular Culture: Reading, Resisting, and Creating Media," reporting on queer girls' active engagement with television characters, films, lesbian magazines, online communities, and music.

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She explores the consequences of their engagements with these media on their lives and their…. Negotiating Marriage. Using a constructionist framework, an alternative process model is offered.

The five-process model captures the ongoing and fluid work couples perform to negotiate a redefinition of the relationship. Couples reflexively use a host of complex symbolic interaction including talk, rituals, relationships with others, testing, and use of time to construct their relationship in a new way.

Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance
Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance
Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance
Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance
Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance
Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance Homo havoc: Queer citizenship, AIDS, and dance

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