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Help with finding vintage valve amplifier circuits amplifiers for a rock band. Thread starter wolram Start date Apr 26, Can any one help please, I have been searching for vintage valve amplifier circuit diagrams and components.

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I need help in finding valves, transformers, and diagrams. I intend to build amplifiers for a rock band so i would like to build one with a 3KW output if that is feasible. Thanks for any help no matter how little. Related Electrical Engineering News on Phys. Study provides framework for assessing historic wrought iron structures.

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Gold Member. I know Hammond handles transformers for tube equipment.

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Whether not they have what you need I cannot say. Averagesupernova said:.

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Search on terms guitar amp tube circuits, it'll return scores of sites with varying degrees of credibility 2. It has great tube sound i built it one and will make a great guitar amp. It uses the low noise preamp which will "WOW" audiophiles. Real reason to build it is to get your feet wet. Reading the tube manual will educate you in how tube amps work so you will be able to tell the internet wheat from chaff.

Get one or newer, you'll be better able to find those not so ancient tubes. Last edited: Apr 26, I'm away from home right now so without my books. But last year i downloaded a copy of the RCA tube manual , from an archive site. RC30 is the version i have, about 35 megabytes. Here's that amplifier schematic very simple, good starter project.

Thanks Dave. Thank you for your replies, you have given me a great starting point. Jack Darr's "Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook" is chock full of schematics, and still in print 4th edition. Does that hifi amp have riaa EQ on the input? Try www. If you're looking for something that will take you through all the electronics required for guitar players power supplies, pickups, amps, effects I can't recommend "Electronics for Guitarists" enough but Denton Dailey enough.

It strikes that balance where it is accurate and useful, but doesn't read like an engineering text and you don't need a degree in Electrical Engineering to understand it. It starts from the beginning and goes from there.

HowlerMonkey said:. Most common cartridge of the 50's and 60's was the ceramic phono cartridge. Typically, these were supplied as turnover cartridges in early non Hi-Fi tube and solid state stereo systems, record changers and children's players. Some were higher quality versions such as the Decca Deram.

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  • Ceramic cartridges are high impedance and high output voltage mV devices. Another feature of this type of cartridge is that its response is amplitude based pick-up instead of velocity based like magnetic cartridges.

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    This means that phono equalization is not required. A record player with this type of cartridge may be plugged directly into an high impedance tube input. Today, this type of cartridge is best used with old 78rpm records. Last edited: May 9, Especially with high voltage tube amps, the circuits tend to be very noisy unless the lead dressing is very very good; and very dangerous to the end user unless constructed up to a given country's safety standards, e.

    Even experienced tube amp builders often have to troubleshoot their builds to fix problems with noise or with cold solder joints or other build problems. And working from a schemo, you'd have to design your own layout - a huge task for a beginner and one you'd probably get wrong unless you are an autodidact on the scale of Leonardo da Vinci. Instead, from a beginner's building standpoint, I would suggest you look for and build a kit amp - a low-power kit amp to begin with. Kit makers include mainstream vendors such as Weber and Mojotone , as well as slightly smaller "boutique" vendors such as Allen Amps or Boot Hill.

    Note that Weber and Mojotone also sell components, along with many other vendors.

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    • Hammond already mentioned sells only transformers, and are very reputable; another excellent transformer source is ClassicTone. However most non-tube parts passive, solid state, etc. In the U. However there is a further wrinkle here. Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications. Electric power distribution handbook.

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      Handbook of Electric Motors. Electric Power Engineering Handbook. Electric Cables Handbook. Practical Electric Motor Handbook. The Guitar Handbook. Audio Power Amplifier Handbook, 3rd edition. Handbook of Small Electric Motors. Handbook of Electric Power Calculations. The electric power engineering handbook. Handbook of small electric motors. Practical Amplifier Diagrams. Mel Bay J. Bach for Electric Guitar. Recommend Documents.

      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
      Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook

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