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It is thus placed within a normative punitive custodial sentence constructed in California model of communication between science and through the chance combination of eminently society in general and science and the media in standardised, yet downright arbitrary circumstances particular, a perspective that is taken up by most — is self-explanatory. Elsewhere, as for a number of of the contributions.

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Researchers and practitioners pieces on the George W. Cases such as reporting invaluable guidance for the scholar of infrastructure, on genomic complexity illustrate that scientific that slippery category whose success is measured by and journalistic communication are geared towards its ability to pass unnoticed. An appendix chronicles Lampland and requires linguistic reconstruction. The function of metaphors in the production of knowledge is just marginally addressed.

The book displays some of the nearly inevitable Brigitte Nerlich, Richard Elliott and Brendon shortcomings of an edited book, most notably that Larson eds , Communicating Biological Sciences: the term ethics throughout the volume is employed Ethical and Metaphorical Dimensions.

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Farnham: with meanings as different as the professional Ashgate, University of Bielefeld, Germany Downloaded from pus. Related Papers.

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Communicating biological sciences: An introduction. By Brendon Larson. Craig Venter and the Re-programming of Life: How metaphors shape and perform ethical discourses in the media presentation of synthetic biology.

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McLeod, C. Synthetic biology, metaphors and responsibility. Life Sciences, Society and Policy Buy this book from Amazon UK. My first impression of this book was that the title smacks of a dull read.

On the contrary, however, this book provides a stimulating awakening into one of the challenges facing science writing today, namely the use of metaphor: its purpose in communication and consequences for science and public understanding. A book that leaves a lasting impression on a reader, in particular one that will actively affect future action, is certainly a worthy read. This book ticks the boxes on all those counts. It challenges the use of otherwise unquestioned common metaphors such that one will never describe a piece a research as a 'breakthrough' or pun on the word 'Frankenstein' again lightly.

Visual Communication in Biology 1: Introduction - Janet Iwasa (U. Utah)

Indeed never before did I appreciate quite how metaphor-ridden science media is or how often I find myself using such metaphors unknowingly. Food for thought, certainly. Contributors to the book include journalists, scientists and literary analysts and thereby insightful perspectives are gained from many sides.

As such, it is an eye-opener for a wide audience: the public, for whom metaphors often over-hype a piece of scientific research, and scientists, for whom the use of metaphor may mould thinking on a given concept. In particular, I enjoyed Fiona Fox's insight into the recently formed Science Media Centre, an organisation set up specifically with the aim of closing the gap between science and the public by increasing the quality of reporting.

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  8. My only criticism would be the sometimes heavy use of eloquent language and subtle references which I thought masked clarity of meaning in some places and I often found myself re-reading passages to extract understanding. However, on perseverance one certainly emerges with a more cautious approach to scientific reporting and a more sceptical eye when reading the science media; an increasingly valuable skill in an era of exponential rise in scientific discovery. The book is one of the first of its kind and will be a valuable asset to science journalism; there has been little consideration of the ethical practice of modern day science portrayal to date.

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    I would recommend to those with an interest in science writing, journalism and the media. Although the content would also be of value to a pure scientist, many chapters may be a bit heavy-duty unless they have a prior interest in literary analysis. By posting a comment you agree to abide by the BioNews terms and conditions. Syndicate this story - click here to enquire about using this story.

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